New York City
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I’d rather be depressed in New York.

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Anonymous: what eyeliners do you use? I need help for some!!

The liquid eyeliner i have are maybelline stiletto, nyc liquid eyeliner, and tarte lights camera lashes precision longwear.
The maybelline stiletto is my least fave unless u like ur eyeliner to look shiny and watery.
the nyc liquid eyeliner is REALLY good actually. its very pigmented and give s matte black. Only thing i ont like about it is the applicator which is like a brush type, but the eyeliner is only $4 so u cant really complain about it.
the tarte is VERY good! its my fave now. I love the applicator because its like a marker type which helps me draw a cat eye and its really black and stays. However, theres a dupe for it which is a Milani liquid marker which looks like the same exact design and packaging as the tarte and is black and lasting too and way cheaper too.

Pencil eyeliners I use are the NYC kohl brow/eyeliner pencil, nyx retractable eyeliner and Too Faced perfect eyes waterproof eyeliner.
the nyc pencil one isnt that great and washes away within 10 mins so dont get tht one. The NYX pencil is really good and is very black and stays well. The Too Faced is my fave! Its soo creamy and so black on my waterline.

Gel eyeliner I use is the e.l.f cream eyeliner which is AMAZING! Its really matte black and stays well, i love it! and its only $3 which is amazing!
Hope this helps :)

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